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How to Choose an Experienced Auto Body Shop

An auto body shop specializes in structural and cosmetic repairs that help your vehicle maintain its appearance, safety and resale value. This includes fixing scratches, dents and broken panels or glass. It also performs mechanical repairs that include wheel alignment, frame work and suspension.

An experienced body shop will use specialized tools and knowledge to make structural and cosmetic repairs on your car, and it will restore your vehicle to its original factory condition. This is crucial for preserving your vehicle’s value, so it is important to find an experienced and trusted body shop.

Ask for a written warranty when you get a repair estimate. A warranty is an indication that the shop stands behind its work and will replace or repair parts free of charge if you are not satisfied with your repair. You should also ask if the shop is insured in case your car gets stolen or vandalized.

If you are dissatisfied with a repair or the price, contact the company that did your repairs and discuss it with the manager or owner. Often, misunderstandings can be resolved through a calm and honest discussion.

A reputable and experienced auto body shop will always strive to deliver high quality repairs. However, that does not mean they will not make mistakes or misunderstand you.
Choosing a Body Shop for Your Repairs

The best way to find a good body shop is to ask for referrals from people you know and trust. This way, you can be sure the repair shop does quality work and that the customer service is outstanding.

You can also check out online reviews of different body shops. These are written by verified customers who have had their cars repaired at that shop. They will usually provide information about pricing, warranty and customer support.

When you decide on an auto body shop, you should be prepared to pay a reasonable price for the services. A shop that overcharges or charges for unnecessary or poor quality work is likely to get fined by the state and may be suspended from operation.
Having an Auto Body Shop That Cares About Its Work

A good body shop will take feedback from its clients seriously and strive to improve its operations, says Darrell Amberson, president of operations at Minnesota-based MSO LaMettry’s Collision. It is especially important to have a solid system of standard operating procedures (SOP) in place when it comes to estimating work, he adds.

Having a well-trained and professional team of technicians is an additional key to having a reputable auto body shop. Ideally, your team will be able to identify problems in your car’s exterior and paint before they become major issues, and they should be able to fix them quickly.

The auto body shop that you choose for your next repair should have a staff that consists of certified, trained and skilled mechanics and managers. They should be able to explain any questions you have about your car, and they should be able to answer them quickly and accurately.

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