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The Job of an Arborist
An arborist is an expert tree care professional who works to maintain the health of trees. They may work for a tree service company or act as consultants for landowners, government agencies and utility companies. Their duties vary from job to job and include assessing tree health, pruning and removal. They also provide a range of other services such as fertilization and pest control.

The Job of an Arborist
A career as an arborist is a rewarding and challenging one that offers many opportunities for learning and development. A variety of educational qualifications are available, ranging from a foundation degree to a master’s degree. Most arborists begin their careers as assistants to more experienced tree care professionals and gain experience through on-the-job training before becoming independent contractors.

ISA Certified Arborist Certification
An ISA Certified arborist must demonstrate knowledge of tree biology and a thorough understanding of the proper care of individual trees. They must also pass an exam based on a broad variety of scenario-based questions. They must abide by an ethical code and ensure that they perform work that is safe for the environment.

Qualifications to Become an Arborist
A bachelor’s degree is generally the minimum education requirement to become an arborist. However, some arborists pursue further education through university-based courses. Alternatively, they can also seek a diploma or certificate from a vocational school. Regardless of their education, most arborists are required to complete at least three years of supervised experience working with trees.

The Job of an Arborist
In addition to caring for trees, arborists work with city planners and managers to promote greening in their communities. This involves helping to plant and maintain trees in parks, along streets, and in other landscape settings. This can help to improve the air quality and reduce soil erosion.

Arborists can also play a critical role in helping to protect trees from damage caused by storms and high winds. A trained arborist can identify and repair any problems before they lead to damage that can affect the safety of nearby homes, power lines and other structures.

Tree Pruning and Faulty Branches
An arborist is an expert in tree trimming and pruning. They can determine which type of pruning will be most beneficial for a particular tree. The correct pruning helps to increase the tree’s strength and promote growth, while ridding it of any dead or unhealthy branches that may pose a threat.

When a tree is threatening to fall or is overgrown and posing a hazard, an arborist will perform a thorough inspection of the tree and recommend appropriate action. This includes removing a section of the tree or the entire tree if necessary.

Removing a tree that is too big for its space or poses a potential hazard to the public can be dangerous and should only be performed by those with the right training. This is especially true when it comes to large trees, as they can easily topple over and cause a hazardous condition in the surrounding area.

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